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AppCore for Unity

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  • Latest Version 0.8
  • Latest Release Date Jan 18, 2024
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AppCore for Unity is:

  1. A pure C# framework, based on the ECSA architecture.
  2. Visual editor. Allows you to create applications without code knowledge, based on ready-made systems and packages. And for experienced developers, it allows you to visually control the life cycle and operation of the application and write your own components.

Think about gameplay, not code
Using visual programming and modern ECSA architecture, your games will not slow down and development will be much faster.

Allows you to prototype games quickly, with the prototype itself already being a "production reidy", it doesn't need to be rewritten before release.

Open source code, allows you to modify the framework to suit your needs.

Included under the hood

  1. ORM system for storing data locally or on the server.
  2. Object pooling system.
  3. Event buses.
  4. Dependency injection.
  5. Services container.

Everything you need for game development and lack in Unity is part of the framework and ready to use.

Useful links
Briefly about the framework and adapter

Framework repository

Adapter repository for Unity

Use case repository

Technical Details

The package includes:

  1. AppCore framework.
  2. A visual editor for Unity.
  3. Example Usage.

Suitable for use with Unity version 2022 and higher.

Version: 0.8 Дата релиза: Jan 18, 2024